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1930 - 1960
The beginnings of the group date back to June 1937 when Albert and Constance Moorkens set up a company to import and sell motorcycles. This provided the basis for the later development of all the two-wheeler activities and for the other activities that the group subsequently built up.
But then came the war, an unforeseen setback that put a damper on growth. But as soon as this difficult period was over the group recovered its original elan, adding an assembly line to its activities. This not only fitted in closely with the core activity but also made new commercial and industrial initiatives possible. These were the days when the group assembled well-known two wheels brands such as BSA, Zündapp, Calthorp and others.
In the period 1952 to 1954 there was growing interest in motorcycles, and people also discovered the scooter. Both types of two-wheeler were popular as inexpensive means of transport.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the founders pushed back their horizons by making contacts abroad. In 1958, a relationship with Suzuki Motor Corporation was formed which led to the importation of the Japanese two-wheeler brand in Belgium.

Up to this day, the group is official importer of Suzuki motorcycles in Belgium, a relationship that holds more than 50 years.

1960 - 1980
At the beginning of the sixties, the car industry started to gain in importance. The group was quick to spot the trend, and the group managed to win the import contract for BMW motorcycles and cars. So began the development of Alcopa Car Distribution.
Once more, the two-wheeler activity started to flourish, as people became interested in motorcycles again. This trend was in response to developments in the Japanese industry, which rapidly spread to Belgium. Whereas motorbikes had lost their importance as a means of transport due to increasing car ownership, more people now began to look on motorcycling as a form of leisure.
In late 1972 the company decided to abandon its industrial assembly activities, as the huge increase in scale necessary to ensure profitability was not practical. One year later, BMW Germany took charge of imports in the various European countries itself, and stopped working with private importers.

On the car front, the group looked around for new growth opportunities, which resulted in import activities for Mitsubishi, Suzuki automobiles and Hyundai.

On 6 August 1979 the group's founder Albert Moorkens passed away during the Admiral's Cup, his favorite sailing competition.

1980 - 2000
Soon after the passing of its founder the group was reorganized, with the various operating companies being brought under the Alcopa holding company on 28 July 1981, with three distinct lines of business: Alcopa Two Wheels, Alcopa Car Distribution and Alcopa Office Furniture.
Early eighties, Alcopa Two Wheels managed to consolidate its position on the Belgian two-wheeler market with the acquisition of Ets. Vanderhulst, the importer of the Peugeot scooters brand in Belgium. As a result of the success in Belgium, this activity was also developed in the Netherlands with a dedicated subsidiary.
Throughout the eighties and nineties, further international growth was spurred, first in Portugal, where a partnership was set up for distribution of Suzuki and Peugeot two-wheelers. Next came acquisitions in Switzerland (Peugeot) and South Africa (Suzuki), and the set-up of activities in France.

During the same period the group also developed a new line of activity, namely the distribution of parts and accessories for its various dealer networks under the Motana brand umbrella.

On Alcopa Group level, the concept of “corporate governance” was introduced around 1995-1996 so as to ensure the development of the family firm in an international economic setting. One direct result was the setting up of a new board of directors in 1997, with representatives of the family shareholders alongside independent directors.

2000 - 2018
The beginning of the new millennium has seen unparalleled growth in European two wheels markets.

In 2001 we completed the acquisition of Suzuki two wheels in Switzerland. In the same year, we introduced the Derbi brand across our different platforms in France, Switzerland and later also Benelux.

In 2001-2002 we initiated our relationship with Sanyang (SYM) from Taiwan, which has since then become one of our key partners for the scooter segment across our European geographies.

In parallel to a continued growth of our Motana range of parts and accessories in the Benelux and beyond, we acquired Reaction in 2004, a leading player in the French ATV parts and accessories market.

In order to materialize the dynamism and momentum, the decision was taken to re-name Alcopa Two Wheels into Moteo as of January 1st, 2010.

At the end of 2010 Moteo joined forces with Bihr S.A., an independent distributor of after market spare parts, accessories and rider gear to start the development of a European P&A organization.

As from 2010 to 2015 several acquisitions in the parts & accessory branch of BIHR lead at the end of 2016 to an operational split of the Moteo Two Wheels and Bihr After Market P&A business organisation.

Both lines of businesses developed their own strategy and business plans under the umbrella of the Alcopa group where Moteo Two Wheels joins the Alcomotive business unit as from 2017.

2018 - now...
After a few years with a stable brand portfolio, Moteo Two Wheels adds at the end of 2018 the iconic motorcycle brand BENELLI to his range for the French and Benelux market.

Following the trend of eco-friendly mobility an agreement was made early 2020 between VMOTO and Moteo Two Wheels to grant the exclusive distribution of the E-Scooter & E-Motorcycle brand SUPER SOCO for the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In July 2020 Moteo Portugal adds the BRIXTON vintage motorcycle brand to their product offer.

Moteo Two Wheels Europe continues to look for new business opportunities to enforce his position as a leading player in the European Two Wheels market.

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