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Moteo Portugal launches BRIXTON

Classic design with modern technology. Chances are you've never heard of the brand. That’s normal, because Brixton is a young brand, which was first presented 3 years ago at the famous motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan.

Today Moteo is proud to announce that Moteo Portugal has been appointed as new importer of the brand.

Brixton Logo

Three years ago Brixton, which is named after a district of London, made its appearance at the EIMCA in Milan, followed by the market launch of the first model, the BX 125, in early 2017. "Classical design, modern technology, high quality craftsmanship and engines from Japanese development" is how manufacturer KRS describes the BX125. The intention was always to develop the engines in-house (in Austria), which were then produced in China in accordance with their own quality requirements. The production therefore happens in China, a lot of test work takes place in both Austria and China, where the KRS Group has 5 test centers.

The popular BX 125 was a success from the start and one of the most popular engines in the 125cc category in almost all European countries. But also beyond that! For example, at its first presentation at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show in May 2017, 500 engines were immediately sold to end customers on the booth itself.

In the meantime, the range has expanded considerably from 125 to 500cc, and there is even talk of a 1,200cc engine coming up. Moteo now starts the distribution of Brixton in Portugal, where the brand is added to the existing portfolio (Moteo PT already distributes Suzuki, SYM- and PeugeotMotocycles).

Brixton Ambient
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