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We’re in it for the long run

As an international B2B distributor of motorcycles and scooters, Moteo is a trusted partner to an extensive range of brands. We distribute over 45.000 units per year through 1.800 international sales points.

Moteo has its eyes set on the road ahead, offering an innovative product range and top of the market services.

What we do


Two wheel

We distribute powered two-wheelers and genuine parts and accessories.

  • 8 countries
  • 580.000 vehicles sold
  • 85 years of experience
  • 1.800 active dealers

Our extensive network allows us to take two-wheel brands wherever they want to go.

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Our Brands

Brand stories

We take pride in our long-lasting partnerships, while continuously expanding our portfolio with innovative new brands. These are some of the brands that trust Moteo with their European distribution:

logo Sym

+20 years partnership

Moteo became SYM’s distribution partner in Europe at the turn of the millennium. SYM has since established itself as a first class global manufacturer of scooters.

logo Benelli

Passion with an Italian flavour

Moteo has been importing Benelli since 2018. Designed in Italy, Benelli products come with a long legacy and a high mark for quality. Moteo accompanied Benelli to the Swiss, Belgian, Dutch and French markets.

logo Soco

Electric mobility with a sleek design

Super Soco has taken Europe by storm since our partnership started in 2020. And no wonder: all Super Soco scooters are 100% electric and carried out in a sleek design.

logo Suzuki

+60 years partnership

In a partnership that has been going strong for over 60 years, Moteo distributes this renowned Japanese powersports brand in Europe. Moteo has already distributed over 85.000 Suzuki motorcycles.

logo Yadea

Electrify your life

Yadea is the second biggest two-wheeler producer in the world and the latest addition to our brand portfolio. Already a household name in Asia, Yadea now aims to electrify the European market in partnership with Moteo.

Moteo - Yadea
logo Peugeot

+40 years partnership

Peugeot scooters is a leading manufacturer of scooters in Europe, and we are proud to have been part of their story for over 40 years now. During this time Moteo has already distributed more than 100.000 Peugeot scooters.

Timeless style for riders worldwide

FB Mondial, a renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, epitomizes excellence in design and quality. Their meticulously crafted bikes seamlessly blend vintage aesthetics with modern engineering, creating two-wheeled masterpieces.

Get real go real

Lambretta, a symbol of legacy and quality, is truly distinctive. With its rich heritage and uncompromising craftsmanship, Lambretta defies convention, seamlessly merging tradition and innovation. Riding a Lambretta isn’t just transportation; it’s an embodiment of individuality, a celebration of the extraordinary.

For the riders of tomorrow

KL Motorcycles and Scooters, a renowned name in the world of two-wheelers, offers a diverse range of stylish and efficient rides. From sleek scooters ideal for urban commuting to motorcycles built for thrilling adventures, KL caters to riders of all preferences.

logo Suzuki Marine

The ultimate outboard engine

Suzuki produces quality outboard motors, which we distribute to boat owners in Belgium and Portugal. More than 15.000 engines have already been distributed by Moteo.

Moteo - Suzuki Marine

  • Icon Congestion

    Less congestion on the roads

  • Icon Lightness

    A lightness in mobility

  • Icon Particles

    Less particles in the air

  • Icon CO2 Reduction

    A notable reduction in CO2

Our Mission

At Moteo, we believe that two-wheelers are part of a sustainable future. Through  long term partnerships with customers and suppliers, it is our mission to bring innovative, future-forward scooters and motorcycles to the European market.


Having started out as a family business, our  values  – EntrepreneurshipPerformance  and  Respect – makes  us  think  long  term  and  are  deeply  embedded  in  our  organization.

Philippe Melsens, Project Manager

Many companies list Respect as one of their values, but at Moteo it’s truly embedded in the company culture. We respect each other as professionals and as people. Those values inspire me to do my very best to make Moteo grow.


We believe that scooters and motorcycles can offer sustainable and efficient answers to current mobility issues. We’re dedicated to playing our part in promoting these solutions.

Bart Pijpops, Stock & Logistics Specialist

Moteo offers a diverse and growing range of electric two-wheelers, but our ambitions don’t stop there. We’re constantly looking for sustainable distribution partners and other ways of making our supply chain more future-oriented.

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Extended network

Moteo offers privileged access to an extended network of point of sales (POS) across Europe.

  • HQ in Belgium
  • 8 Countries
  • 1.800 Points of sale

Moteo’s Headoffices in Antwerp, Belgium

State of the art logistics

Our logistics  center is  located  near  Antwerp, Belgium, conveniently situated  in  the  heart  of  Europe.  Thanks  to  a  professional  purchase  team  and  over  75  suppliers,  Moteo  can  offer  unique  services to its dealer network.

  • 13.000 sqm warehouse
  • 26.000 part references in stock
  • 435.000 outbound order lines per year
  • 24hr delivery
Bart Pijpops, Stock & Logistics Specialist

Moteo’s multi-brand EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) system allows dealers to check online availability, order directly and track the estimated arrival time. We deliver with a service rate of over 90%, because our logistics center has most orders in stock. Our main focus when it comes to logistics? Short delivery times, agility and operational excellence.

Accessory Development

When a new two-wheeler hits the market, European customers expect accompanying accessories so they can hit the road in comfort and style.

As soon as our brands present a new model, Moteo and its trusted partners start developing genuine accessories, allowing customers to accessorise their new scooter or motorcycle on purchase.

Peter Pas, Graphics coordinator

Like many colleagues at Moteo, I have a passion for two-wheelers, owning multiple scooters and motorcycles. We understand that customers want accessories to give their vehicle a custom look; you want to instantly recognise your scooter when it’s parked among other two-wheelers. We make that possible through accessory development.

Moteo Services

Moteo goes the extra mile for its brands, dealers and customers. Find out about the services we offer along the way.


Dealer training

Moteo dealers are kept up to speed with in-person trainings about the latest models and innovations.

Moteo Academy

Everything dealers need to know about our two-wheelers and accessories, only a few clicks away.


We make our brands look their best.

Floor Plan

Discover our flexible financing solutions.



Moteo offers a variety of payment options.


Want to ride but don’t want to own? Let’s lease!


Buy your next two-wheeler and accessories online. Moteo delivers them to a trusted dealer or to your doorstep

Road Assistance

We offer road assistance so you can ride carefree.