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Moteo Two Wheels Europe is an independent distributor of motorcycles and scooters with operations in several European countries.

Being a business unit of the Alcopa Group, we are very proud that the history of our group in fact started with two-wheelers. In the 30s, our founder started up both production and distribution of iconic two-wheelers such as BSA, Zundapp, Calthorp and other brands. A next milestone was reached in 1958, when we signed a cooperation agreement with Suzuki for the distribution of motorcycles, thereby becoming Suzuki’s first European distributor. Historical!

Today, almost 90 years later, Moteo Two Wheels is the reference in Europe for motorized two-wheelers. Since 1980, we have expanded our scope to France, Switzerland, Portugal and the Netherlands, where we are still active today.

Because of the diversified brand portfolio, we cover just about all major motorcycle and scooter segments. Our approach is one of confidence and experience; trust between Moteo Two Wheels and the manufacturers that we represent and experience towards our end customer.

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