Alcopa Group

Moteo was founded  by  Albert  and  Constance  Moorkens  in Belgium in 1937, as a motorcycle production and distribution company. Today, Moteo is part of the Alcopa group, an investment firm headed by the 4th generation of the Moorkens family.

Alcopa is the sole shareholder of Moteo, providing our firm with both stability and family values. Are you interested in knowing more about all of Alcopas activities?

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  • Now

    Moteo History - Now

    Moteo is at the forefront of promoting electric mobility solutions, developing online sales and pay-for-use models. New brands continue to be added to our portfolio. Since 2018, we have amongst others welcomed Benelli, Brixton, Super Soco and Yadea.

  • 2000s

    Moteo History - SYM

    New brands were added to our portfolio, including SYM. In partnership with Moteo SYM becomes one of the leading brands in the European scooter market.

  • 1990s

    Moteo History - 90s

    Moteo organically expanded to the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and France and began distributing parts and accessories.

  • 1980s

    Moteo History - 1980 02

    Moteo consolidated its position on the Belgian two-wheeler market with the acquisition of Ets. Vanderhulst, the importer of the Peugeot scooters brand in Belgium

  • 1960s

    Moteo History - 1960 02

    Riding motorcycles and scooters became an increasingly popular leisure activity. Moteo decided to stop its assembly activities so it could focus on what it does best: distributing two-wheelers.

  • 1950s

    Moteo History - 1950

    Interest in motorcycles grew, while consumers also discovered the scooter as an affordable means of transport. Moteo explored global opportunities and in 1958 became the first European distributor for Japanese flagship brand Suzuki

  • 1937

    Moteo History - 1937

    Albert and Constance Moorkens founded the company. At first Moteo focused on producing and distributing motorcylces in the Antwerp area, where it had a workshop. After the Second World War, Moteo started assembling and distributing well-known brands like BSA, Zündapp and Calthorp.

What makes us

  • In it for the long run: As a business with family roots and stable shareholding, we develop and cherish long lasting relationship with all our stakeholders.
  • Always on track: Moteo offers direct access to eight key countries in Western Europe. And we’re not stopping there ­– we’re always looking to expand to new terrotiries.
  • Trusted partner: With 1.800 points of sale, Moteo can take its brands wherever they want to go.
  • We’ve got you covered: Our warehouse is located in the center of Europe, ensuring fast and reliable delivery.
  • Down to earth: We believe in clear company structures and lean decision making, so we can switch gears along with market requirements.